Web Assembly or wasm is a portable,small size,load-time efficient binary format which can be downloaded by the browser and executed.
Browsers will understand the binary format, which means we’ll be able to compile binary bundles that compress smaller than the text JavaScript we use today.
Depending on compile-time optimization opportunities, Web Assembly binaries may run faster than JavaScript.
Web Assembly is JavaScript’s Nitro boost!

  • Why Web assembly?
    Implement your performance critical stuff in wasm and import it like a standard JavaScript module.Its aim is not to kill JavaScript, but to solve real engineering problems . Loading a big game can take 20–30 seconds. That’s too long. With a compressed abstract syntax tree encoding that’s 20 times faster, just a couple seconds, that’s what you want. So there’s a real reason for wasm or web assembly, and it is a valid reason.
  • What is Web assembly?
    A binary compile format which are understood by Browsers.

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