Interesting stuff which you might have missed in Javascript

var text = ‘outside’;

function logIt() {
var text = ‘inside’;



Some expected the result of the log to be:’outside’ or ReferenceError: hoist is not defined, but instead, its output is undefined.

JavaScript has hoisted the variable declaration.
For the interpreter, the code was like:

function logIt() {
var text;
text = ‘inside’;

To copy an array:

var b = [1, 2, 3, 4];
var copyB = […b];

Guess the Output:

var result1 = “3” + 3; //output 33

var result2 = +”3" + 3; //output 6

var result3 = -”-3" + 3; //output 6

var result4 = -”3" + 3; //output 0

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