How to prepare for Nodejs interviews?

  1. Brushing up your javascript skills.
    1.a) Implicit type conversions in javascript
    1.b) Self executing functions
    1.c) Explore more on values like null,undefined,NaN,boolean etc.
    1.d) Closure
    1.e) Understand setTimeout function
    1.f) ES6 features like let,classes,async-await,rest and spread operator,object destructing etc.
    1.g) Array operations like splice,deletion of an array,copy one array to another etc.
    1.h) JSON parsing and its uses.
    1.i) Cloning of JS objects
    1.j) Understanding ‘this’ keyword.Difference between call,apply and bind.
    1.k) Different ways of creating classes,Different ways of copying a JS object.
    1.l) Bit manipulations ->AND,OR,Shifting(&&,||,<<)
  2. Understanding the Event loop mechanism in Nodejs
    2.1) How threading happens in Node?
    2.2) Problems with event loop.
  3. Understanding the File and HTTP APIs provided inherently in Nodejs.
  4. Packaging in Nodejs. Understand different fields in package.json like scripts tag etc.
  5. Import/export keywords
  6. NPM vs YARN Vs NSP
  7. REPL(Read Evaluate Print Loop)
  8. Promises and call back hell
  9. How async-await solves the Promise chaining problems
  10. Profiling in Nodejs

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