Features of Cryptographic Hash Function

A cryptographic hash function has the following properties:

  • Deterministic: An input A will always have the same output h(A) no matter how many times you parse it through the same hash function.
  • Quick Computation: A function should return a hash of an input as quickly as possible.
  • Pre-Image resistance: Given h(A) which is an output of a hash function, it should be infeasible to determine input A.
  • Collision resistance: Given two inputs A and B and their hash outputs h(A) and h(B) it should be infeasible for h(A) = h(B).
  • Small changes: in the input should drastically affect the output of the hash function.
  • Puzzle Friendly: For every hash output Y and an input x. It is infeasible to find a value k, which will result in h(k|x) = Y.

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