AWS developer June 2018 exam experience

As per the advice of the ones who had already cleared the previous AWS developer exam,i had invested most of my time in learning VPC, EC2 and it’s types,EBS volumes etc. But when i gave the exam,i came to know that i gave less attention to latest services introduced by AWS in the field of Monitoring and Deployment. I did my preparation from Udemy.
For Course preparation:
For Mock Test preparation :

Note: Even though i prepared well,some questions i faced were not part of the udemy course. I’m focusing on those in this article.

Latest AWS services to focus:
1) X-ray
There were few questions about AWS X-ray. About one of the API of X-ray, one question about AWS lambda and X ray integration,what X-ray can do and what it can’t.

2) AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
I was least expecting questions about this service but don’t do that mistake. I faced good number of questions about KMS key rotation.

2) AWS Services introduced in Serverless domain (good number of questions)
I got a question about SAM.
Few questions on AWS Lambda.

3) Codedeploy, Codepipeline and Codecommit
I had few questions about these three services and i really felt bad for not paying good attention to them.

4) AWS Kinesis Firehose
One basic question about Firehose

5) AWS API Gateway.
About API gateway integration with other AWS service,

6) AWS Step function
I had a basic question about Step function as well.

Suffering from Knowledge Quest

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