Angular from an Architect’s point of view

  1. High level Architecture of an Angular App
File - src/app/app.component.html<h4>{{recommended}}</h4>
<img [src]="itemImageUrl2">
File - src/app/app.component.html<ul>
<li *ngFor="let customer of customers">{{}}</li>
<label>Type something:
<input #customerInput>{{customerInput.value}}
File - src/app/app.component.html<button (click)=”deleteHero()”>Delete hero</button>
File - src/app/app.component.html<button (click)=”onSave($event)”>Save</button> 
<button *ngFor=”let hero of heroes” (click)=”deleteHero(hero)”>{{}}</button>
<form #heroForm (ngSubmit)=”onSubmit(heroForm)”> … </form>




Suffering from Knowledge Quest

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Arun Rajeevan

Arun Rajeevan

Suffering from Knowledge Quest

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